«Marketing Warfare» review

Marketing Warfare kid recommend book to the adults

We start our new column, where wunderkinds recommend books to the adults and first book will be the bestseller “Marketing warfare”  that has been published and remains extremely popular for 30 years now. From the first day of publication, it came into being in 1986, the book became a desktop guide for hundreds of thousands of professionals.

I have read the book on the advice of a colleague’s son whose mind level deserves to be admired. Till now I have no regrets because of time spent on reading this book. After that, all the books written by Jack Trout or with his co-authorship were automatically included in my list of must read books.

The book is written in the original style. This is a pretty good example of the fact, that nowadays original ideas appear at the intersection of rather trivial concepts. As a matter of fact, the book considers the essence of marketing strategies from a military point of view, that turns out to be highly successful. The diversity of tactics and analysis of the true failures regarding the history of large companies captures your attention and does not allow to put the book aside to the last. The book is even more valuable because of its completeness.

Even if I have ever happened to come across decent exemplars among marketing books, they were mostly applied. This book is about strategy, global decisions and choice of direction rather than means.

Great book. It is definitely worth reading if you run the business in a market, where there is the presence of competitors.

P.S. By the way, if you want to recommend me some really interesting books – do not hesitate to put it down in the commentaries to the article.